What is the job of … SEA and Display Advertising?

Being a success factor in the e-commerce business and a part of online marketing, the so-called performance marketing consists of various disciplines. In this new blogpost of our series ‘What is the job of …’ we will introduce two teams to you that deal with performance marketing and make essential contributions to Kaufland.de on a daily basis in order to facilitate its success – our SEA team and our Display Advertising team.

About marketing, products, and customers

The teams SEA and Display are responsible for the lower funnel of performance marketing. Specifically, they promote our entire product portfolio. It consists of no fewer than 25 million items – so there’s a lot to do! Apart from the products, the focus of the team always lies on customers and their needs:

We want to address our customers with the best possible aim and rely on a mix of various channels and platforms. Each customer has a specific need and is looking for a certain product. Our advertisements give a fitting answer to all customers’ needs, which is always our main concern.

(Kerstin, team leader of SEA, Display Advertising and Media Design)

For the SEA team this means …

… the placement of shopping and text advertisements on various platforms, such as the search engines Google and Bing. While doing so, Alwina, Regina, and Dominik adopt a creative approach and test new campaign types and advertising formats every now and then to ensure the best performance.

There is never a dull moment in our team since the field of SEA is very dynamic: new trends, features, and campaign types emerge constantly. By testing them, we can stay up to date and explore new potentials. This way we can always be at the top of the Google search results list and guarantee that our campaigns grow.

(Alwina, Team SEA)

With this mindset, namely, to constantly question and optimise all processes, it is not only the A-/B- tests of various campaign types and advertising formats that determine the scope of our tasks – it goes much further and extends to other departments of the company. Furthermore, keywords and product data are an important part of the work as:

  • keywords provide answers to the questions as to what it is the customers are looking for, what they are interested in and how they search for it in the first place;
  • whereas product data ensures that the advertised products and categories meet the requirements of customers.


Therefore, everyone in the SEA team is an all-rounder in cooperating tightly with other teams, such as the SEO or the Product Data Management team. Thus, the term ‘Online Marketing Manager’ is not really accurate, as Regina quite distinctly explains:

We are investigators because we always look for trends and popular products. We are artists when it comes to composing the text of our advertisements according to the given season. We are analysts because we always monitor the performance of our advertisements. And we are technicians because we find ways to optimise and automate processes, thus we continue to get better.

(Regina, Team SEA)

In addition, the team is currently supported by Dominik, our Online Marketing Trainee. So far, everybody can ‘SEA’ he really likes it there. As in all departments throughout the company, the entire SEA team makes sure that being a trainee does not just mean being tasked with making coffee:

Even as a trainee in the SEA team, you already get to work independently on larger projects and not just on improving your analytical skills. You are allowed to get fully creative and work on your own coding skills. The work in SEA is diverse and varies greatly due to the constant changes, such as new trend or seasonal features.

(Dominik, Online Marketing Trainee)

And the Display Advertising team takes care of …

… paid advertising with display banners and videos on various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Display Network, and Microsoft Advertising.

In order to plan social media advertising campaigns, you need much more than just an eye for proper teasers and texts; some technical and analytical understanding is a necessity. The tasks are complex, and thus variety is guaranteed.

(Robin, Team Display Advertising)

Both Robin and Luis take care of year-round as well as seasonal campaigns, which only run for a limited period. These include:

  • Black week
  • Christmas
  • Bargain hunter week (Sparfuchs-Woche)
  • European Football Championship

But it is not only the always changing and new campaigns that make the work so interesting.

In performance display marketing, both creativity and analytical thinking are required. This mix makes working in this area especially exciting and rich in variety.

(Luis, Team Display Advertising)

To identify new groups of customers, the team uses, among other things, behavioural or interest targeting to advertise specific products and product groups. In addition to the acquisition of new customers, Luis and Robin work on retargeting. This involves addressing users who had already searched for products on Kaufland.de in the past. Just like in SEA, the aim is to track the performance of campaigns to constantly optimise them and test new formats and marketing channels.

The use of synergies: perfect cooperation with other teams

Of course, all the tasks in SEA and Display Advertising cannot be done completely manually. The teams rely on automation when it comes to managing the campaigns and their optimisation. These are based on data, as they are implemented according to the company principle ‘Don’t believe – know’. This is where Hillel, a marketing engineering and controlling trainee, plays an important role.

Hillel supports the teams so that they can make data-based decisions. The huge pile of data from various channels is adequately processed and made visual by him, offering valuable insight that is used to support the campaign optimisation. Furthermore, Hillel is tasked with programming automated alert bots: If something in the day-to-day business goes differently than planned, the teams are notified, making it possible for them to take immediate action and counteract.

There is never a dull moment in the SEA team. We keep up with new trends in performance marketing, monitor and optimise our campaigns and our marketing processes to achieve greater efficiency. According to one of our company principles, we always strive to ‘Achieve more with less’.

(Hillel, Online Marketing Trainee)