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More than 160 people work in different departments in our Cologne offices. The team consists of colleagues from all over the world. To ensure everyone feels welcome, we support our employees with a German language course. In this article we will show you how it works. is Catching Up with the World

As a tech-driven company, we also conduct international recruiting. It is for this reason that people from more than 25 different countries work together at our workspace. From South America to Africa over India, Russia, Europe and the Middle East – our employees‘ heritage covers the whole world.

Starting in our  IT department is possible without knowing the German language. Even if the spoken language in the department is mainly English, our employees usually want to learn German for their life in Germany. This is why we think that a German language course can support our employees – so that they will be comfortable in their daily life. It is a great opportunity and benefit – especially because the course takes place during working hours.

How it Works

At the supported German courses several levels are provided: At first, people will be divided into different groups to ensure that every participant has the same level of knowledge. Therefore, all participants get their individual learning support within their group.

Corlin is one of our German teachers and she explains how a course lesson works:


I think what is fun for me is also fun for my students. That is why we keep the lessons as casual as possible with mostly talks and conversations – exclusively in German language of course.

(Corlin, German teacher)

She further tells us that the best approach is a practical one. There are usually two sessions per week and the students learn everything they need to know. As support, they study exercise tasks and sometimes even have homework from a special learning book. Corlin also says that the students have the possibility to come up with personal e-mails, business e-mails or other issues if they need some help. Because of this lesson method, learning progress is almost guaranteed.

Quick Progress

Julia Verzar works in the IT department and her mother tongue is Hungarian. She joined the German course in September 2017 and tells us that the communication-based structure helped her make quick progress. She enjoys the group conversations and the flexible choice of topics.


I especially like that we often cover current topics. This enables us to gain relevant knowledge that we can further utilize inside and outside the office.

(Julia Verzar, IT)

Learning with Fun: Also outside of the Office

Regular team events and after work activities also deepen the knowledge as participants can apply what they have learned outside of work. Despite the courses the learnings will also be strengthened with regular team-events and activities after work where course participants can also apply their learnings in natural situations.

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